Mr. Santiago Melara

Mr. Santiago Melara


Santiago Melara is the Executive Director of the Silk Road Grand Award Association and Honorary Representative in Spain of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI).

Santiago has one ambition: To provide a bridge for cultural exchange and appreciation between Eastern, Central Asia and Western cultures. The Silk Road Grand Award Association is devoted to consolidate the existing links and peaceful coexistence among those countries which shape the great area of the Silk Road.

Being Honorary Representative of the MNCCI it is his responsibility to strengthen the bows of friendship between Mongolia and Spain with majors diplomatic and commercial interchanges.

During the 1999 Santiago was leading a Tacis (European Union) project aimed at promoting and development of commercial ties between Spain and Mongolia. This project was implemented at the MNCCI and gave him a deep knowledge and experience about the Mongolian economy and business sector.

He has a BBA from HEC Liege (Belgium) and Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). He later continued in the International Department of the Rover Group in Birmingham (UK) and subsequently consolidated a broad trajectory in foreign trade working in the International Department of the Ybarra Group. The experience Santiago gained from developing the e-commerce platform gave him a keen understanding of digital knowledge-based economy.

A wide experience in the development of international business activities defines Santiago and his qualities such as leadership, sense of initiative, innovation, and social responsibility.