Silk Road Masia Bach

Project Info

Project Description

The new proposal for Masía Bach is a mixed-use Development project which combines football, wine and tourism
in a location which is famous for all three of these. We take full advantage of the prestige bestowed on a heritage
winery to introduce our methodology of Experience Engineer to develop a new hotel, football academy and a Sport
Technology R&D Center. All new buildings will be perfectly integrated with the winery and the landscape of forest and
The development is clearly distributed in specific areas with a business direction, while being interconnected with each
other in their synergic functions, each will have its own access for optimal operation.
The property has several existing buildings with total area of 23,702 m2, including more than 2,000 m2 of underground
cellars. New construction area will be 12,785m2 including 3,000m2 basement for parking and services. Total overall
construction area will be 36,487m2.
The land size is 33 hectares, of which 3ha are being used for wine production; 7ha for the hotel and 4ha for the
academy. The remaining two-thirds is natural landscape and will include jogging trails and meditation spaces for the
use and enjoyment of everyone.

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