Silk Road Experience Group (SREG) considers the great area of the Silk route as a whole and unique area of experience, leisure and culture, in its human and economic manifestations.

It develops proposals to value natural, cultural and social heritage on an ecological, sustainable and economically fair and profitable basis, creating new systems of hospital cultural, tourist, social, both material and immaterial.

Its global mission for this is an improvement of the quality of experiences and human experiences in the enjoyment of the patrimonies offered by the Silk Road to be profitable for residents, visitors and investors.


Silk Road Experience Group project combines a new way of communicating Silk Road reality, with new forms of experience tourism, plans of territorial development, sustainable and ecological architecture, and culture experience between different areas of the planet.

Silk Road Experience Group offers and creates a new style of SRT based on authenticity, sustainability, roots, ethnic or nomad way of life, health, sense, culture and even sports.

To be part of a Silk Road Experience project or joining one of our experiences is inmerging in a sensorial oasis, rediscovering the most important intangible heritage of the Silk Road experience.