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The New Silk Road Conference – Seville’s Commerce Chamber

Last October 27th,  Chinese Friendly in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Seville gathered a large compendium of experts in the field of the Silk Road to analyze the opportunities that this economic megaproject of the Chinese government can represent for Spanish companies.

The event was a great success with the full capacity of the main hall of the entire Chamber covered where the attendants showed great interest during the five hours that the meeting lasted and that included the presentation of Mr. Francisco Herrero León President of the Chamber of Commerce, represented by Mr. Miguel Sánchez Montes de Oca, and Mr. Pablo Badillo O’Farrell, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of Seville University. You can find in the attached video a brief summary of the event.

Enrique Fanjul, vice president of the Chinese Chair and former president of the Hispano-Chinese business committee, opened a lecture focused on the importance of the geopolitical and economic strategy of the New Silk Road in Chinese projections for the next 50 years. . Fanjul offered an exquisite analysis of Spanish-Chinese economic relations as a basis for development.

Besides, CEO of Chinese Friendly, Dr. Kurt Grötsch discovered to the public the evolution of trade and the brand “Silk Road” discovering concrete cases to position themselves in this giant commercial framework represented by all the countries which build up the New Silk Road, also called OBOR.

In his speech Mr. Gonzalo Arranz, Iberglobal project director, focused directly on the opportunities offered by the Silk Road to Andalusian companies, exposing with exact data a panorama of possibilities from his experience in foreign trade related to China.

Mr. Fernando Turrión, General Manager of Rail Consult, delighted us with a large exposition focused on the importance and opportunities of the railway logistics of the Silk Road, one of the industrial sectors where the most important Spanish infrastructure companies can benefit, due to the large number of incoming projects that will be published in countries of Central Asia and East Africa due to this ambitious Chinese project.

The last part of the meeting amazed us with a wonderful presentation by Professor Jesus San Bernardino Coronil, Vice Dean of Academic Organization and New Learnings from the Faculty of Philosophy and Coordinator of East Asian Studies of Seville University who, through a excellent master class, discovered the historical cultural and commercial relations of the city of Seville with the ancestral manufacture of the Silk Road.

Mr. Manuel Otero, President of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber explained a new model of tourism management related to the Silk Road: Silk Spain Travel, as a cluster of offerings developed using tourism intelligence that has already started in Murcia and will continue in Andalusia as one of the references of this new project.

Mr. Santiago Melara, representative of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce in Spain, vice president and partner of the Silk Road Experience Group, presented as the culmination of the day an ambitious and extremely attractive project, the “Caravanserai Dream Hotels”, also appealing to form alliances within the companies and goverments of the great scope of the New Silk Road.

Undoubtely a great and important event organized by Silk Road Experience Group, Chinese Friendly and the Chamber of Commerce of Seville aimed to open perspectives for Andalusian companies that should occupy their place within this project that will change the economic, cultural and social paradigms of a region that some authors call the “Heart of the World”.