Silk Road Experience Group was born with the great objective
of making the Silk Road a great focal point of tourism attraction and new infraestructure hubs worldwide.

We focus on the development of new projects to transform this great axis
of cohesion Asia – Europe to awake the curiosity and need to be visited and invested on by the rest of the world.

«Meanwhile the New Silk Road projects or the OBOR concept focus on the hard factors of the evolution of that huge common Silk Road Area, the Silk Road Grand Award Foundation considers the soft factors as key elements that make human evolution possible and stable: hunger of knowledge, desire of understanding , pushing curiosity, living solidarity, wishing to share, burning dreams and the need to love.

Our work and awards are determined to complete the efforts that are done in the western and eastern extremes of the Silk Road, in Inner Asia, and border countries of the maritime Silk Road.
We invite you therefore, to take part in the fascinating and unique adventure of constructing this new invisible Silk Road. Share the vision!»

Dr. Kurt Grötsch, President


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